Latest News • Mike Tindall attempts Russell Crowe coup for Rugby Aid charity match on BT Sport
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Rugby World Cup winning star Mike Tindall is rumoured to be attempting to coax movie star Russell Crowe to take part in a star-studded charity match

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The skulls of five men who most likely met their grisly end in London’s Roman amphitheatre 2,000 years ago are set to go on display for the first time.

Unearthed in 1988 near the site of the 7,000-capacity amphitheatre in the City’s Guildhall Yard, the skulls belonged to men aged between 25 and 45. Experts say the location where the skulls were found, and the injuries on them, make it possible that the men were gladiators.


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Jordan Vogt-Roberts is directing the big-budget movie, which recently lost Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons

Oscar winner Russell Crowe is being eyed to star in Legendary’s “Kong: Skull Island” opposite Tom Hiddleston, TheWrap has learned. “Trainwreck” actress Brie Larson is also in talks to play the female lead in the big-budget movie.

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We’ve all got a high school anecdote that relates to someone famous. Like how one kid you used to be in class with now has a YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers, where he uploads videos of himself falling down the stairs in various different mascot costumes. Or how a girl from your sixth form got onto Masterchef but choked in the semi finals when her souffle collapsed. But these dead air pub stories are usually frail, paper thin tales that barely cling onto their z-list references.

The last few weeks, we’ve unearthed some killer claims to fame, like the guy who toured with Keannu Reeves, or the drummer who played punk with Ben Stiller. And now, we’ve found Mark Stauffer. Mark attended Mount Roskill Grammar School in Auckland, New Zealand, in the 80s, and his little anecdote involves being in a shitty teen rock band with an Academy Award winning actor who’s played everyone from Noah to Robin Hood: the one and only Russell Crowe.

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Beginning on Friday on RTÉ One, there’s a four-part highlights package of the recent season, aptly entitled The Best of The Late Late Show.

Host Ryan Tubridy looks back at some of his favourite moments from the run that started last September and ended in May. This week’s opener sets things up with music from legendary songwriter Albert Hammond, mentalist Keith Barry, country legend Margo and veteran British comic John Cleese.

One of the most memorable guest appearances on last season’s show occurred in March. Russell Crowe never disappoints but even by his lofty standards he gave Ryan Tubridy and the audience plenty to remember.

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Following the release of Gladiator, the New York Times said Russell Crowe “resurrected a soulful, often tragic masculinity not seen on American screens since the he-man martyr years of the 1970’s”. The revival was to be short-lived. While promoting a film of his own earlier this year, Crowe lamented the loss of the “archetypal Australian man”, the gruff, assertive figure who “appears stuck in his ways but is, in fact, quite an open person”.

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King’s Dark Tower series runs eight books, and the plan is to adapt all the details in all eight of them into films that will be supplemented with a concurrent TV series. Sony will be producing the movies, although no network has yet been selected for the show. Casting rumors have included Russell Crowe and Javier Bardem to play the lead character, known as The Gunslinger.

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