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Posted by · Helen on Jul 21, 2014

Scott’s production house, Scott Free, announced it had optioned Pierre White’s memoir, The Devil in the Kitchen, in collaboration with Scott’s partner, Giannina Facio, and author/screenwriter Colet Abedi.

Crowe is one name being floated in the movie minestrone to star in the lead role, along with Orlando Bloom, Clive Owen and Rupert Everett. Currently, Crowe has three movies on the go: The Nice Guys, Fathers and Daughters and The Water Diviner.

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Posted by · Helen on Jul 15, 2014

The thing about making a movie about Noah’s Ark is, you need a heck of a lot of animals. Although Darren Aronofsky used plenty of CGI to create the creatures of Noah, he also relied on high-tech animatronics to bring the Old Testament world to life. In this CraveOnline Exclusive clip you can see Aronofsky and his star Russell Crowe playing with these lifelike robots, and the hard work that went into making those creatures look like the real thing.

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Posted by · Helen on Jul 11, 2014

Researchers found that women who spend lots of time online prefer more masculine men, while men with internet access prefer more feminine, thinner women. An ideal couple cited in the study included Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly specifically in the 2014 film Noah

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Posted by · Helen on Jul 11, 2014

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling have come on board police drama “The Nice Guys” with “Iron Man 3″ director Shane Black helming.

Warner Bros. has acquired North American rights to the project, which is being produced by Joel Silver. “Nice Guys” re-teams the studio with Black and Silver, both who rose to prominence nearly three decades ago via the “Lethal Weapon” franchise — followed by Silver’s public split with Warners two years ago.

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Posted by · Helen on Jul 8, 2014

Iconic Aussie-claimed pop chanteuse Marcia Hines has shown that you’re never too old to have fun in her freshly dropped clip for her new single, Remedy, directed by (and co-starring) none other than Oscar-winning actor and part-time muso Russell Crowe.

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Posted by · Lainy on Jul 1, 2014

Stephen King may have this new series in the works, but the Under the Dome creator still suffers many difficulties in getting The Dark Tower on its feet. The two production companies, Warner Brothers and Universal have pulled their support for the project, most likely due to the complexity of its production. King states that he is still putting his faith in director, Ron Howard to see the project through at some point in the near future. Ties to the network HBO have been rumored and whispers of Russell Crowe playing the titular role of Roland Deschain have surfaced, but still nothing has been confirmed. The only official evidence that the project is still even happening can be seen on The Dark Tower IMDb, Internet Movie Database page confirming Howard as the director, Akiva Goldsman as the screenplay writer and Imagine Entertainment as the production company.

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Posted by · Lainy on Jun 28, 2014

Who better to judge the best movies of all time than the people who make them? Studio chiefs, Oscar winners and TV royalty all were surveyed as THR publishes its first definitive entertainment-industry ranking of cinema’s most superlative.

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Posted by · Lainy on Jun 27, 2014

If there was a Stephen King cinematic universe, The Dark Tower would undoubtedly be its Avengers. The series of books ties most of King’s book together in a very large web of monsters, magic, and alternate timelines. Inspired by The Lord of the Rings trilogy and spaghetti westerns, King created the anthem of all geekdom. The books are full of magic, gunslingers, sorcerors, battles on horseback, time-travel portals, evil A.I., vampires, demons, werewolves, and giant parasite-infested robotic bears. Why haven’t they made a movie already?

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The rest of the month’s schedule has been added :)

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Choice Movie Actor: Drama
•Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Russell Crowe, Noah
•Jason Dohring, Veronica Mars
•Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars
•Jon Hamm, Million Dollar Arm

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